The Eternal: Dragonborn

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World of Ga’em Book 2 by Dhayaa Anbajagane (LitRPG Author)

Screams echo through the darkness.
Silence masks the secrets within…

It has begun; conflict between factions, war between friends. Death and darkness will spread terror across the lands.

And here I am, trapped in the middle of it all.

My name is Zoran Diablo, and misfortune is toying with my life yet again. Three months have passed since I discovered who I really was, and in that time, weird things have happened. The monsters of the dark have grown stronger, more daring, and more organized. Towns have gone up in flames and cities have been razed to the ground. People are scared. They’re confused, clueless about why this is happening. I know exactly what’s going on, and yet it does me no good.

There is no stopping it anymore. It’s too late. The moon will rise high, and darkness will flood the skies. Evil will rule the night, and death will seize its prize.

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