The Siege of Mettleburg (Eternal Voyager)

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By Conor Kostick (Author)

These are the tales of Eternal Voyager. Tales from a distant future in which all life is virtual. Everyone in the Metaverse takes for granted the ability to teleport; to change shape; to create entire planets for their playgrounds and to make backup copies of themselves, so they cannot permanently die. And what do these people who live beyond the conventional universe do with their powers? Mostly they party.

One of Eternal Voyager’s favourite pastimes is to play in the Epic fantasy sim, levelling up his avatars through battle with the evil forces.

Strangely, a red dragon has been recruited to assist an Orc army in the siege of Mettleburg. What intelligence lies behind that unusual alliance? And how is it that the dragon knows something about the wider Metaverse.

In attempting to save the defenders of Mettleburg, Eternal Voyager finds himself up against the most powerful and sinister figures in Epic.

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