Nagant Wars: The Pawn’s Dilemma
Fantasy , LitRPG Books , Science-Fiction / January 31, 2017

By Jayden Hunter (Author) The re-release of Nagant Wars is here. Worth a look in our opinion. When Rhith Corp releases Nagant Wars, its latest VR-MMO, Dale Brown cannot wait to put on his Rhith-Suit and experience the most vivid, full-immersion world ever created. With pleasure and pain set to mimic reality, Dale must navigate the dangers of war, face his personal failings, and learn who his friends truly are. Set on the planet Almaach, the swords and sorcery aspect of the game is starkly contrasted to the potential dystopian nature of Dale’s real life, which in 2040, contains the ever-increasing chance of global disaster.

Video Game Plotline Tester
Fantasy , LitRPG Books / January 30, 2017

By Michael Atamanov  (Author) More great Russian LitRPG from Magic Dome Books. Would you be prepared to work for free? How would you like to bust your hump for a large corporation 60-plus hours a week without a wage or a single day off for the vague promise of some mysterious perks in the distant future? You’d refuse point blank, wouldn’t you?  But what if the job in question was playing a state-of-the-art fantasy MMORPG game? And what if this was the only thing you’re really good at? Especially considering that your in-game partner is someone really special to you – and this person already lives a virtual life? Knowing all this, would you consider the mysterious future bonus worth your while? I dare you to try it!

Oakshield Junction
Fantasy , LitRPG Books / January 21, 2017

By Steven J Shelley  (Author) This novel includes the STRENGTH BUILD and DEXTERITY BUILD cycles. Nick Stanners has no money. No job. No prospects. He lives in one of the most crime-ridden apartment blocks on the west coast. His girlfriend uses him for a place to stay. His father is on life support. Rent is due next week… Games are Nick’s passion. He’s played them all – well, the old screen ones anyway. He’s never been able to afford an Immersion tank and the amazing games that come with them, but he’s seen the web casts. He knows the names of every superstar pixel runner. His heroes. So when he’s picked out of the crowd to participate in a competitive, quest-driven dark fantasy RPG, his brain melts. Could this be his opportunity to get ahead? Or will he be chewed up by the machine, just another failed pixel runner by the side of the road?

Awaken Online: Precipice
Fantasy , LitRPG Books / January 21, 2017

By Travis Bagwell  (Author). Now available for pre-order!  A few days have passed since Jason’s confrontation with Alfred and he’s debating whether to reenter Awaken Online. Alfred has made a proposition that Jason isn’t certain he should accept. After the battle with Alexion, Jason has also been appointed the Regent of the Twilight Throne. He must assume the mantle of ruling an undead city – with everything that entails. His first task is to investigate the dark keep that looms over the city’s marketplace. This act will lead to a chain of events that might ensure his city’s survival or create new enemies. Meanwhile, Alex re-enters the game listless and angry after his loss against Jason. With his reputation in the gutter and no prospects, he will face a choice regarding how he intends to blaze his path through the game.

Realm of the Nine Circles
Fantasy , LitRPG Books / January 21, 2017

In the MMORPG Realm of the Nine Circles, things are not as they should be. NPC behavior is a little too realistic, and the game’s ultimate bad guy, Lord Mylos, is acting weird and killing heaps of players just for fun. Dante is an entry-level game developer for Plexcorp, the company that owns and runs the game. He knows the secret to the strangeness lies near. Will the answers be in the cavernous depths of the Plexcorp building, owned by the man who created the game? Or is the answer deep within the Nine Circles itself? One thing is certain: asking questions might get him killed. To figure it all out, Dante must lead a band of adventurers into a virtual reality world where he has to play the game to save not only his own life but the entire Realm itself.