Hero: Tower of Gates Book 3

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Tougher Mobs. Deeper Dungeons. Better Loot.

Eric and Sarah venture into Level One-Two of the Tower of Gates, determined to escape. While trying to unravel the secrets behind the disappearance of the dwarves, they run into even bigger mysteries.  Can they defeat the black dragon and clear the zone? Or will they succumb to all the dark forces working against them? Hero is the third book in the Tower of Gates LitRPG Series.

“Paul Bellow creates virtual fantasy online worlds that are immersive and fascinating. I haven’t had so much pleasure following the journey of characters trying to understand what is happening to them and how they can challenge the setup since I read Philip Jose Farmer’s Riverworld books.” Conor Kostick, Author of Epic
“I am a role playing gamer. From D&D to MMORG I love ’em all. My husband and kids (a loosely used term as they’re 17 and 20) are too, so I think I have the cred to know when a LitRPG is good. This book, as with its predecessor Hack, is more than simply good. It does what LitRPG is supposed to do,find a literal excuse (aka a good plot) to bring an RPG to life and then provide both the gaming experience and a heck of a fun story.Really well done Paul Bellow.  Highly recommended.” Judith Cohen (GoodReads Review)

“Well written, interesting game mechanics, hidden humor, and the characters are more than they appear to be in chapter one. ” Royal Road Legends Review

“Sorry for the short review. I’m not a huge fan of D&D, but this story is nevertheless both well written and enjoyable.” Royal Road Legends Review

“This book had an excellent D&D feel to it. Skills, spells and stealth it’s a great read. Story progression is detailed with action.” Amazon Review

“Paul Bellow has done a great job of building his world and perfecting the fictional mechanics of the game depicted in the novel. This is a pretty good standalone story but with an exciting ending that makes me hungry for the next book in the series–I’m hooked!” Amazon Review

“One of the few who weaves the stats into the narrative in such a way to make them actually fit in.” Facebook Review

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