4 D&D Soldier Backstories + Background Generator

I’ve got some D&D soldier backstory ideas for you along with the tool I used to create them. LitRPG Adventures Workshop is powered by GPT-3 API and has been trained by me to output a variety of content for your tabletop RPG. After the example backstories, I’ll explain more if you want to check it out. For now, here’s a few classic Dungeons and Dragons soldier background stories.

D&D Soldier Background 5e Examples

Here’s a quick few D&D soldier background ideas you might enjoy. I’ve selected a couple different races. The LitRPG Adventures Workshop tool has dozens of races and classes for you to combine.


Male Human Soldier Backstory

Born in Wix (Grabisco Kingdom)

STR 12 INT 13 WIS 11 DEX 1 CON 16 CHA 15


Orenseriaus was born in Wix, the capital of the Kingdom of Grabisco. He was raised by his mother, who was part of the royal family in the city. His father died early in his life, so Orenseriaus was raised by both of his parents until he was five.

He was taught to be a gentleman, and to respect everyone he encountered. His mother also taught him the art of swordsmanship, and even though she was teaching a man, she was thrilled that he was talented with a sword. She even taught him the art of dancing, and he was a quick study.

Orenseriaus had a very happy childhood and he was very happy with his life. When he turned eighteen, Orenseriaus joined the royal guard, and he was excellent at his job. He was promoted quickly and he was one of the best guards in the kingdom.


Orenseriaus is a very kind man. He is always happy and he is never in a bad mood. He is very easy to get along with. He is very handsome, and he knows it. He is very brave and he is always ready to help anyone who needs it.


Orenseriaus is 6’ 1”. He has blond hair that is always a mess. He has a square jaw and very sharp features. His eyes are a deep blue. He has a tattoo of his family’s crest on his left arm. He wears a set of old ragged leather armor. He also wears a sword, which he is very skilled with.

Start of Character:

Orenseriaus is in the Jungle of Despair on a quest to rescue his brother, who was kidnapped by an army of gryphons. He left his kingdom and he has his friends to help him out. He is currently in the den of the evil gryphons looking for his brother.

Lacey Underbruised

Female Centaur Soldier Backstory

Born in Kua Bimwe (Grabisco Kingdom)

STR 14 INT 10 WIS 7 DEX 9 CON 12 CHA 15


Lacey grew up in her village, Kua Bimwe. It was a small village, but adequate to all of her needs. She never had much interest in adventuring, but one day she received word that her father had fallen in battle. He was a great and powerful warrior who fought in a previous war. The war had ended and he had used his army to travel the world making a name for himself. When word of his death reached Kua Bimwe, Lacey decided that she would continue his legacy and take up his quest. Lacey took her father’s great sword and left her village to seek out the world and meet new people.


Lacey is fiercely loyal. When she makes up her mind about something, she doesn’t let anything or anyone sway her from that purpose. She is constantly smiling and joking with anyone near her. She loves to be social and enjoys the company of others.


Lacey’s hair is long and braided. She wears the armor of her fallen father, including his greatsword. She has a beauty mark in the shape of a heart on her right cheek.

Start of Character:

Lacey has decided to travel the world, looking for adventure wherever she goes. She wants to one day share her travels with her children and her grandchildren.


Male High Elf Soldier Backstory

Born in Durgen’s Delusion (Grabisco Kingdom)

STR 16 INT 13 WIS 7 DEX 15 CON 13 CHA 16


Jonell was born in the city of Durgen’s Delusion. The city was isolated from the rest of the empire, and the people were constantly on edge. Jonell and his friends were on the verge of joining the military when the rebellion started.

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It was a bloody conflict that tore the empire apart, but it all ended with the destruction of the city of Durgen’s Delusion and the murder of the emperor. Now Jonell roams the lands searching for his wife and child. He holds out hope that they were able to escape during the chaos.

He’s been traveling for years, never staying in one place for too long. He often asks about a woman and a young girl, but he never asks for too long.


Jonell is very realistic. He knows that the world is harsh, and that there are things that can’t be changed. He is a patient, independent man with a dry sense of humor. He puts on a good face for others, but they don’t see his doubts and fears.


Jonell stands about 6’1”. His long black hair is well kept, and he has a neatly trimmed beard. He wears leather armor, a sword, dagger and a sheath for his bow. He has a tan from years of exposure to the sun.

Start of Character:

Jonell has been traveling for a long time to find his wife and daughter. If anyone has seen them, he would pay good coin for the information. If anyone has found them and know what happened to them, he can be more persuasive.


Female Gnome Soldier Backstory

Born in O’Grain’s Hold (Grabisco Kingdom)

STR 14 INT 17 WIS 17 DEX 12 CON 12 CHA 17


Maela was born and raised in O’Grain’s Hold in the kingdom of Grabisco. She grew in a traditional gnomish family, and she was known as a prodigy. She was asked by many to join the Legion of Peace, a group of gnomes who were assigned by the king to explore the world. She was known to be a very curious and outgoing gnome, and the gnomes thought she would be the perfect candidate. She was given her place in the Legion of Peace.


Maela was very outgoing and curious. She disliked the traditions of the gnomes, and was very eager to see what the world had to offer her. She was a brave and determined soul, and she was very willing to do what it took to see the world. She passed her Gnomish Drachma test with flying colors, and was given her Gnomish Drachma.


Maela has straight, dirty blond hair, and a little toothbrush beard, giving her a very roguish look. She wears a white heraldry jacket, and a black cloak with red lining. She carries with her a Gnomish Drachma, a custom gnomish weapon.

Start of Character:

Maela is currently traveling throughout the Grabisco Kingdom, looking for anything in the world she’s never done before.

D&D Soldier Backstory Generator

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