Help Us Classify All These LitRPG Books?

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Our staff is still catching up on reading lists. In the meantime, we thought we’d ask you, the readers, for some help classifying some of the LitRPG books on the site. Specifically, we’re looking for whether you think a certain title is “hard” or “soft” LitRPG. Do you even see a difference?

Thanks in advance for the help. As we ramp up the website, we hope to interact with all the passionate LitRPG fans. If you have an opinion about LitRPG or would like to help our website become better (level up, you might say), please leave a comment or contact us.

Fantasy RPG Random Tables Books

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Long live LitRPG!

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Fantasy RPG Random Tables
Make life as a Game Master easier.... with this RPG random tables book.